ShareLife is much more than just a funeral.

ShareLife is a unique, complete approach to funeral planning that honors and celebrates the life of your loved one. Whether we’re prearranging a funeral, planning a life celebration or helping you choose permanent memorialization, ShareLife combines a variety of products, services and options that transform traditional funerals into one-of-a-kind celebrations, making beautiful memories that last a lifetime.

ShareLife is not just one thing—it’s everything we do to make your event both personal and unforgettable.

The ShareLife Difference

ShareLife services differ substantially from what the average funeral services providers offer. Instead of the cookie-cutter approach, we personalize an experience, focusing on the wellbeing of those left behind, including the entire family, as well as the community.

The ShareLife difference hinges on a human factor that’s at the heart of everything we do. By focusing on relationships, empathy, compassion, listening and collaboration, we create a unique experience. We ask a lot of open-ended questions about the loved one we’re planning to celebrate. We also do a lot of active listening. We’re interested in your intimate memories, stories and the special qualities that made (or make, if you’re planning ahead) your loved-one unique, including what really mattered most to the individual we plan to honor. 

While we’re fully capable of providing all the traditional funeral services you might expect (and we often do), we hope you’ll come to us for something more—because collaborating with you to create a custom celebration of the life of your loved one is where we truly excel. Our focus is always on the relationship, the conversation and the collaborative creation of your special event.

Well-versed in the traditions of all faiths, we’re here to accommodate your unique circumstances and help your family through this process, with a personal, meaningful tribute to your loved one.

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ShareLife Services

ShareLife offers a variety of products, services and customizable options that enable us to help you plan, create and experience a unique celebration of the life of your loved one. These include:

Arrangement Conference

Designed to lower anxiety and increase family involvement in the planning, our arrangement conference leverages technology and a comforting family room environment to help families feel at ease and fully participate in the planning process. 

Prearrangement Planning

Give your family the gift of peace of mind by planning ahead. Make sure your last wishes are carried out and reduce stress levels for everyone involved. 

Veteran's Funeral Specialists

We take the sacred duty of handling veterans’ services with the utmost care and respect, including a patriotic cover, honor coach* and flag retirement program. *Honor coaches available at select ShareLife centers. 


​Personal Touch Remembrance Products

We offer a variety of high-quality, personalized keepsakes, from fingerprint jewelry and photo blankets to memory books and even DNA preservation.

Memorial Rose Transfers

Whenever we take a loved one into our care, we leave a white, silk, long-stem rose, with an inspirational message of remembrance for you and your family.

Planning Ahead with ShareLife

When you lose a loved one, questions multiply quickly and demand answers. Within the first few hours, you’ll need to make at least 124 decisions, which is why planning ahead makes so much sense. Grieving is difficult enough. Planning ahead removes an additional burden from your family, eliminates emotional overspending and guarantees today’s prices forever, providing a reassuring peace of mind for everyone involved.

The pre-planning (or pre-arrangement) process is simple and consists of three easy steps. First, we’ll gather information about your needs to process the necessary legal documents. Then, we’ll help you select the products and services you prefer for your personalized event. Remember, if you can imagine it, we can create it. We’ll even help you imagine it, too, if you like. Then we’ll collaborate, working together to help your loved ones honor and remember you in the best ways possible. Finally, you’ll fund your arrangements, locking in today’s pricing, permanently.

One of ShareLife’s preneed Family Service Advisors will be there for you throughout the process, guiding you through our variety of services and each step, with compassion and attention to every detail. This simple experience will help us create an even better one—when your family needs it most—and you won’t have to wonder whether you did the right thing.

If you have additional questions about pre-planning services from ShareLife—as a gift to those you leave behind or to plan for the death of a loved one—request our free Personal Planning Guide, today.

ShareLife Advisors

At most funeral homes, you deal with a licensed funeral director who has passed a national board exam after being trained in the standard technical aspects of the field, like embalming, cremation, driving a hearse, and of course all the state and federal regulations and paperwork. What you often don’t get is someone with these credentials and more—someone trained in the human component of each of these aspects of the experience—a thoughtful, caring specialist in communication, event planning, interviewing and anxiety reduction. Our Certified ShareLife Advisors—who are also licensed funeral directors—have all the usual training and much more. Each completes a proprietary process called ShareLife Provider Training, equipping them with all the skills they need to plan a unique and meaningful event that pays tribute to an individual with empathy and compassion. Each learns to engage in every family interaction with an intentional, patient, thoughtful and wholistic approach that’s always personal and caring.

Call us today at (253) 200-5503 for more information to help you plan your ShareLife experience.